The 35mm Turn On:

So as it turns out, it took the grand purchase of a fancy DSLR camera for me to re-appreciate how magnificent cameras are all together, and bring me back to the roots...I'm suddenly in lust with all things 35 millimeter.
After all, what is the one thing that a DSLR can't do? The legendary "happy mistake".
The kind of photo that isn't necessarily in focus, light blobs all over the place, colors invading spaces where they shouldn't be....
After more than a decade, my heart still belongs to Lomo.

So here are some of my recent 35mm adventures.
All of the single-frame color shots were taken with my Lomo LC-A, a present from my father way back in high school. (Oh how I begged, and I'm still so glad I did....)

The black+whites are from the Yashica Minimatic-C, found at the Wareham flea market for $20.

The 9-frames are from my Pop-9, a gift from long ago found under my bed after an extensive search. To my absolute delight there was a roll of mystery time capsule film inside...turns out the last time I used this camera was while I was living in Japan. I really, really wish I had used it more....

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