Hello Random Thursday....

So today was rather uneventful but I did make a promise-to-self to take some pictures of things other than overly upsetting medical bills. So here we have it:

1: I love stripes. I kind of inherited this shirt from Gwen when she moved out and forgot it.

2: I love my new cereal/juice/toast dishware set. From the Liberty of London line for Target. I am holding off on using them till the big spring move...yes, that's right! Policecop and I are soon starting a search for the soon-to-be sweetest, most stylish, hippest apartment on the south shore, ever known to mankind. No amount of bullshit ambulance fee is going to get in the way of this.

3: Picked up Coco before Chanel from Redbox today. It was rather nice to see Audrey Tautou not look "cute" in a movie. And I enjoyed it.
Coco Chanel was apparently a sort of misfit down on her luck before she rocked the world, so I'm left feeling sort of positive, like I might have a chance to do something big.
Although the fact that I ate atleast 5lbs of corned beef today is kind of bringing me down. (HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY!!!)
I am so full of sodium and bloat that I might die. Could barely get my ring off my finger tonight.

Also in the mix: contortionist cat Penelope. She naps like this and it's rather adorable.

Tomorrow being Thursday = one more day till Friday!!!!!

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