Flea Market Lottery

Going to the Wareham flea market is quickly becoming my #1 favorite weekend activity.
The place is an absolute mess, covered in layers of dirt, dust and god-knows-what, but it is like a giant treasure chest the size of a warehouse filled from top to bottom with piles of all the old-timey neat stuff a girl could ever hope for.
Lately, that would be vintage camera stuff.
Yashica Minimatic-C 35mm camera. Bought it in a fit of excitement, thinking it was Russian. Turns out it's Japanese, but no loss there. The thing is sturdy as hell, in mint condition AND DOESN'T NEED BATTERIES. The neat little glass-bubble looking thing on the lens is a solar cell. Pretty space-age for something from the 1960's. SCORE.
I managed to find some film to try it out, and it was no easy task since the entire world has gone digital. Also, it is a fact that somewhere along the line I pretty much forgot how to load/unload film entirely...forgot to pay attention towards the end of the roll, ended up snapping the film right off the spool.
Crisis was 50% averted with makeshift bathroom darkroom, where I managed to stuff half of the film back into the canister...the other half became a toy for Albany.

Find no.2: Flawless Vivitar 28-90mm and not-so-flawless but nice none the less, Kinon 80-200.

Also, giant Soligor 75-260mm telephoto lens for $5. This thing weighs a ton, and I plan to use it very sparingly, to avoid having it rip my camera in half. It is quite seriously as big as my cat, as shown in picture above.

Time for some extreme sleep.

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