As the exciting plot-line of my life continues to push forward...
Today I went to Target in search of yet another single serving Lean Cuisine and yogurt.
Which was all dullness and boredom until I discovered there was yet another exotic fruit that I had never heard of: GUANABANA:

Which is super-fun to say.  Judging from the picture on the package I assumed it was a massively sugared down version of the Thai Dorian (Smells like hell and feet) fruit. And yet, apparently the two are not related in any way.
It amazes me at this age that there are still fruits I am not aware of. It shouldn't amaze me. But it does.  Either way, I'm looking forward to breakfast tomorrow like a road trip to a city I've never been to..only at least 90% less exciting unless this fruit is going to be an alien, out of body experience. Which I doubt. Because I bought it at Target.  However, there's always that question of 
"But can it cure hangovers?"
Also, tonight I drew a hand-made card to my M-Class Delta brothers and sisters.
I miss them to a heart-wrenching extent. I really, really do.
In retrospect, Delta FA training was one of the most exhausting and stressful, yet interesting, challenging, rewarding and incredibly fun things I have ever had the honor of being a part of.
In the end, even though the job wasn't a good fit for me I regret nothing.
And that is because of the priceless friendships I made.  I have nothing but good memories and extreme gratitude.

Meanwhile, while they're all ping-ponging about the globe I've been home enjoying things like:

A- The feeling of still warm sheets fresh out of the dryer...


B- The idea of falling in Love.  As well put by Lykke Li:

And that's all I've got for tonight.

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