Without Equal

I've been having trouble coming up with entries partially due to the fact that I've been stuck on the idea of making each post about a particular topic which coordinates with certain pictures.
I'm giving up on that, because it's not working to any extent. My brain is pretty much lashing out against any sort of organizational effort as of late.  It could be called "laziness" or "getting old", but I prefer "having a knack for the abstract". (<--Bullshit I just made up).
Anyway, this is MY blog and I'll be all over the map if I feel like it. And switch between languages as I see fit, damn it. More than half of my readers are from Russia anyway (why?), and probably won't notice any difference. On that note:

 Today I purchased a $22 set of 3-D opaque gel pens from Japan.


On the ride home, in the dark and in the rain I realized that it would have been far wiser to invest in new windshield wipers as my current ones do a great job of smearing instead of clearing, creating a kaleidoscope of inevitable death.
But at least before that happens I'll have the means to create 3D pastel doodles on non-porous surfaces.
I will write my will and testament with these. Maybe on my windshield, to be ironic.  If it shatters upon impact, consider the intricate puzzle as my last gift to you all.
(Clue: Liz gets all my shoes.)

I've been in the mood for creative projects lately, although I've had a tough time channeling that into actual productivity aside from baking. I'm thinking it's because my imagination is rusty. Baking can only allow for so much imagination before it all goes horribly awry (like most/all things in my life, I've learned this the hard way), so it's a good outlet when I feel the need to make things with my hands while lacking a concept or solid purpose.
Dessert always has a purpose. FACT: Somewhere, someone you know is always wanting for cake.
 This is job security.


Banana-Chocolate Chip-Peanut Butter Bread Pudding.
Flavor concept by Patrick, put into motion by me and Ellliot's recipe which I kind of basterdized, since he wasn't working at the cafe on Saturday.  It's OK though, by now he must surely understand that I have an inherent need to screw with things that aren't broken.


Gluten-Free Buttercream Stuffed Brownies. Smothered in ganache and nonpareils.
Nonpareils fascinate me in the same way that NASA photographs of distant galaxies do. On a much smaller level. (I do realize that the cosmos are a far more mind-bending, impressive matter).
In French, nonpareil literally means "without equal". I get this. I think I would like to make a giant painting of just straight up nonpareils. If you can't relate just go to your local supermarket, buy a jar and stare at them for a few hours.
If all of the fuzzy and warm emotions that I experience on a daily basis as a result of interaction with friends, kittens, loved ones and general happiness had a physical form, they would probably look something like nonpareils.

Another source of excitement for me would be the onset of fall. Which seems rather overdue, but then again I'm not quite ready for another New England winter, so I'll take it as it comes.
As of this week I've finally been able to break out the knit hats.  And more importantly, over the knee socks:


And autumn-appropriate high heels:


And for additional warmth, we've got this gentleman hanging around:


Who rocks the Delta apron far better than I can.  And apparently has a following in Siberia, so this blog may just have gotten that much closer to becoming an Eastern European sensation.

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