Another disjointed mess of a post.

To further expand upon the last post (in English this time), I took
one killer trip out to Northampton and spent the day with The Pat, my lovely sister and their endlessly witty friend Adrian. Not that the last post was about this in particular, but a bunch of the pictures were my 35mm prints from this excursion.
One and a half rolls of film cost me nearly $20 to develop. Granted that included cds as I don't have a scanner (or that much patience), but geez.  It saddened me.
I hate to think that the art of shooting on film is just going to fizzle out and disappear to the point where I have to send my rolls of film away in the mail.  Granted the DSLR is a mighty, mighty fine machine capable of great things, there are some things it just can not and will never be able to do, as seen in the last post.
And this is where I urge you to visit Lomography.com and buy yourself a shiny new toy.  Because the toy camera apps just aren't the same. And not nearly as cute.  I've currently got my eye on this bad boy.
And with that said, here's a totally fitting place for me to post my digital photos of the event.


Lunch at an adorable cafe, where we discussed whether or not the use of Ball jars as water glasses was a good thing or just inappropriate. I am for it. Unconventional details like that remind me of Japan.


Gotta love the western mass in-your-face liberals.



Truly, an awesome week. Doesn't even end there.

FOUND: One of my favorite cds from high school, virtually undownloadable anywhere on the internet.

And an overly-ambitious pumpkin carving project, inspired by the magic found in Providence last year.  Inspired by, but definitely not on-par or nearly finished for that matter. All progress up to this point was done with the help of only a small lemon zester. If I am ever to compete with real pumpkin carvers, I'm going to have to obtain some serious tools. And free time.
However today is booked solid as my dear friend and karaoke MASTER LEGEND from Phoenix Arizona CORRRYYY is visiting the B-town today. Can I even explain to you how excited I am? Nope.


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