1, 0!!!!!

Everything is SET. Cape Cod salt and vinegar chips. Chex party mix. Ginger ice cream. Christmas chocolates. Gatorade. Espresso roast coffee. Peanut butter Cliff bars. Lil' Smokey mini hot dogs (per request). Cutty Sark and Drambuie for rusty nails. All the tools for pbj sandwiches.
Room: Clean. For now.
Tobacco: Well stocked.
Fresh sheets, clean bathroom, check, check.
All day I've been thinking about the things I have left to do, being grateful that I took care of 90% of those things well ahead of time, and just kind of went through the motions at work in a surreal-type daze. In which I forgot to clock out and put away the broom. Sorry guys.

Policecop is currently on a plane heading towards Boston from Chicago. I'm stalking the flight online, in between mud mask sessions, nail painting, and trying to figure out what movie to watch online that might possibly distract me from being so wired with nervous excitement for a while.

This whole situation has been so shitty. To put it simply.
Shitty, non-stop circa July 27th. I'm so used to shitty, I can't quite yet wrap my mind around the concept of it just ending....I'm having trouble with words. Let's just say this sucked, I hated it, and I never want it to ever happen again.
Also, I have a new found respect for all the Army wives and girlfriends out there. I don't know how you do it. I don't know how I did it for just a matter of months, without even having to worry about his safety for the most part. I think there should be more organizations to support the significant others of soldiers overseas. I know I want to send a christmas card and a hug to each and every one of you girls. I've got mad respect for each and every one of you.

So as it goes, I'm going to take a little hiatus from blogging for a bit. Though I do plan on taking massive amounts of pictures for the holidays and everything else going on.

xoxo, Jackie.

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