The value of $3.99. (Day 4, take two)

So here's some fashiony stuff for the first time in a while. I'll give you a break from all of the christmas cheer. I'm ready for one myself, after hearing an x-mas-ized parody version of Dy'er Mak'er in JCPenney, which made me want to gouge my ears out with the first hanger I could grab. Instead of "oh oh oh oh", it was "ho ho ho ho", letters to Santa and whatnot. You get the picture. It was an atrocity.
Anyway, I was in JCPenny because I got another one of those $10 off coupons in the mail again. I have to say after the 17 cent dress, it's all been downhill for me with this store. Bland, generic, overpriced garbage. Except for this little black cardigan, $5 with the coupon. Other than that, nothing worth mentioning in the entire store.
However, I did win big at DSW. I had been holding on to a $10 off coupon from them for a while, and decided to scour the clearance section while I was down there just to waste time. It's a good thing they have a bathroom in this shoe store, it takes me so long to go through everything I always have to use it at least once. Apparently they understand their target group.
The find: sweet gold/brown leather heels from Guess on clearance for 80% off of $69.94. Aaand with the addition of the coupon, a grand total of $3.99. I don't understand why these were on such severe clearance, but I really don't have a problem with it. They are fantastic.
Worn with the aforementioned cardigan, skirt and knee-highs from Target (a while back), and my mother's scarf which I have decided to make mine for a while.

In other news, I'm becoming a bit confused over this wisdom tooth conundrum. There's a vague soreness in my throat on the same side as the problem tooth, or at least I think it's my throat. It's very wishy-washy and I can't quite pinpoint where it's coming from. I mean, I'll take wishy-washy over stabbing and soul crushing any day, but long story short I'm becoming concerned that the tooth is slowly rooting itself into my throat. I don't know if this is anatomically possible in any way, but it's always good to mentally prepare yourself for the worst, right?
I mean, is that what people are referring to when they talk about wisdom teeth coming in "wrong"...? And how do you know if you don't have the insurance/luxury of going to the dentist to figure it all out? Do I have to wait until I have the roots of a ten foot tooth protruding from my neck? And then what? Hide it like a hickey with a scarf? If this were Canada, all of my problems would be solved and I'd be on the couch in a percocet dream world looking forward to a day off tomorrow.
When it was bothering me 18 months ago, I self-medicated with Jack Daniels and obscene amounts of Aleve. During this time, I was able to move from Taunton to Amherst, start a new job, quit it a week later, move back to Taunton and then to Carver, and find a new job. So obviously, Aleve and Jack Daniels are the solutions to all of my health and motivational problems. Maybe my wisdom tooth is telling me something...
It's likely that I have a mild cold, along with the doom-tooth situation. I've been sneezing, having ear issues, etc. So it's likely that in 3 days when I finally get to see the boyfriend after 5 months, I will be in a snotty world of pain with a jaw swollen to Leno proportions. FANTASTIC.

P.S.- Albany was a great sport for posing with me tonight. Earlier in the evening my mother and I attempted to give her a pill for some rather troubling tummy issues she's been having. She managed to wriggle free without swallowing the pill, and was so entirely traumatized over the whole experience she nearly vomited on my rug. I am not looking forward to attempt #2. If anyone is good at this stuff, I will buy you a 12-pack to take care of it for me. No joke.

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