13, 12, 11.

This weekend summed up:

Friday- Work could not end soon enough. I was grumpy, and very much ready for the latter part of Friday. I blame it on a few different things, but the tremendous amount of dish washing was a huge factor. Anyway, Friday marked D-13. Friday...13. It was just unlucky from the get go. Not much to mention aside from the fact that I was an unruly bitch. That, and I did manage to cheer up a bit after finding mini-stockings at Job Lot for 65 cents a piece, and new pillow cases for $2.50!!! I was sick of the green and black, the red and turqouise have brightened things up a bit. Also, wrapped super-top-secret present for Policecop. It's kind of a joint gift for both of us. And no, it is not a Liberator sex cushion.

Saturday- D-12. Nasty, crap weather. Not much to rave about here either, just spent the day/night watching webisodes of the Office, 48 hours, 20/20 and Medium; any type of murder mystery available for free viewing on the internet, from my warm, warm room.
I had planned on dragging out the x-mas decorations from the shed, but I would have rather had a mammogram than go out in such weather. Got a nice big salad delivered from Georgio's. And that is all.

Sunday- D-11. Woke up delighted to see the sun pouring in, spent two hours just drinking coffee and smoking. This is my choicest Sunday morning activity. Actually, it's my #1 choicest morning activity, period. Regardless of the season. However, for some reason, it's always better when it's sunny out.
In the afternoon I went to visit Policecop's parents for tea. It was very nice since at this point we're all very excited for his return. There was a considerable amount of snowfall up their way. I felt the sharp teeth of New England winter shattering my spinal cord as I got back in my car to leave after sunset...today for the first time, it feels like dead-on, code red winter. EUGH. Is all I have to say about that.
On my way home, I made a Target detour, which is generally a bad idea since I tend to find things I want terribly but don't need even a little every time I do this. Example, today's find: little pearl-ish and sparkly christmas lights...in red and white. I fell in love...oops. But I did not buy a full sized tree...and that is what counts. That and sparkly snowflakes ($1 each), and a sea-urchin looking star for my wall tree ($2). I've decided to even put my gifts under the tree, it just kind of completes the picture. Except I keep my moisturizers and whatnot here. Dilema. Move them? No. This is inconvenient. Solution: utilize that excessive ribbon collection and just make the bottles look like presents. Outcome: You are a total freaking dork, but it does look cute.
All I need now is a doily for the tree skirt, and we will be done. My room is like a big warm bubble of happy. Love Love Love.

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