On the first day of X-mas, I gave to me lots of knickers.

Oh hi, 11:11 p.m. It appears that I have fully recovered from whatever nastiness it was that I had, and here I sit after a full day, at 11:11 pm with boundless energy. This chick bounces back hardcore. Not that I'm mistaking this for a good thing at the moment, I should be in bed. But I can not.

So! I am here to bring to you a belated undercracker edition. I decided that VS Pink is the way to go, seeing as the pairs I got two years ago have lasted me up till now with no fray, no wear, no tear. Just a bit of fading. That is worth 5 for $25 in my book. And even better, 7 for $25 during their "Panty Raid Sale" (How cute) a few weeks back. To boot, they gave me a free giftcard with a secret amount (from $10-$500, valid in December). So I went back today, and got 5 for $15. A sea of dissapointment washed over me upon finding out I didn't win the $500...I could have sworn I felt lucky today, especially after this flu business...but can't complain, $10 off is still a good thing. Thus the new knicker inventory is complete!
My favorites from this season are without a doubt the "wanna get breakfast" and "if you can read this lucky you" pairs. Very cute.

In other news, I've gotten down to altering myself some x-mas-knickers. I went around town trying on all sorts of sexy holiday type stuff and let me tell you, it was rather miserable.

For one, those cut-out types (you know the one-piece with a bra hook and waist tie, monokini-esque things...) ARE TERRIBLE. If you are not Giselle, don't bother. If you are, then by all means. But the extra piece of fabric going down the middle does not serve to make your midsection look thinner, it actually makes it look wider and shorter...no joke. I look better in a two piece affair and I don't know if that's ever happened before.

Secondly, there is no way for me to look sexy in any number that is too elfish...I'm talking white maribou trim on red, santa hat, etc...
This might be partly because I have pointy ears...and an elfish look in general, I've been told...but these coustumey types made me look like a sad reject from the North Pole, who took a bus to Alabama to pursue a carreer as a daytime stripper. NOT GOOD.

So I'm going about fixing up a set that I found at H&M for pretty cheap.
I like the wide band of the bra, the criss-cross details, but the thing was just entirely red. It made me sad and lonely for the lack of contrast, and I think it has so much potential. It's kind of an off-ish red, so I'm using a seafoam green type ribon, and crystals...I can't detail this any more at the moment, I really need to try and start my nightly wind-down routine. But it all looks very pretty, just still in the making. Miss Mina taught me a few good tricks about making burlesque costumes, time to put that knowledge to work. Tomorrow.

P.S.- Can not stop listening to Me Gusta Tu by Mano Chao. I really need to sleep.

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