On the second day, we got down to business.

Today things started getting festive all over. We're kind of struggling at the cafe, drawing up a plan for the window decorations. Brennan's smoke shop on the other hand was going full-force in their effort to win the Main St. window decorating contest. They've got moving displays and nutcrackers with cigars in their mouths....the whole bit.
I even got to buy two little mini trees at BJ's today. I generally (always) hate my trip to BJ's, but it was a bit nicer for this...aside from the fact that the damn things stabbed me all the while I was transporting them here and there.
So after a quick nap after work, I decided to get down to business on the giant holiday/,Policecop is coming home so try to make it look like you haven't been living like a feral slob, cleaning project. After two giant trash bags, it's done! After much deliberation I finally got myself a legitimate curtain to replace the giant beach towel that has been there for months. This was a good move, definitely knocked the white trash factor down a few points.
Best move of the night would be dismantling my star wall and putting the lights in the window. I'm going to try to get a better picture of it, but it looks freaking mystical and shit, like you could climb through it and enter a warm, fuzzy galaxy. With the reflection of the lights on the window, and how it's set back from the curtain, it has this 3-dimensional effect. I love it and don't ever want to take it down.
Also made use of some of my massive ribbon collection accumulated over the years. I could probably braid together a rope to the moon with it. Highly excessive amounts of ribbon.
And in place of the star wall...a shower curtain. It was the cheapest replacement I could find for the previous decor, and it just happened to be holiday-friendly.

This was such a nice project that now I feel compelled to go full-on with it and grab my stuff from the shed...garland, oodles of lights, etc.
I did not decorate much last year. Probably because the year before I went all out and bought a full-sized tree for my room (which happened to be on the third floor at that point and took the help of two man-friends to get it up there (that's what she said)...)
After x-mas was said and done, I had no better way of disposing it than literally pushing it down the stairs and hoping for the best. It got lodged in the stairwell, completely stuck. The people living in that place are probably finding pine needles to this day. Luckily I found the pictures, so yeah. You can see the power of Jackie's plan-ahead-skills with your own eyes.

Note to self: Keep it a little bit more subdued this year, as to not end up facing the New Year with a giant daunting task on your plate.

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