Pink is the new christmas (10,9)

I'm pretty sure that gift giving is what makes christmas for me at this point. Last year due to an extremely unfavorable financial standing I wasn't able to give much of anything and it kind of ruined the holidays for me.
This year, I'm entirely on it. With some careful planning, I've been able to finish my shopping with 16 days to spare. Not to mention everything is wrapped, tagged, ribboned and bowed. I am notorious for over wrapping/adorning gifts. It's kind of awkward watching people struggle to open my presents, but I just can't help going crazy with the presentation. It might be a wise idea to carry a box cutter around with me this christmas, to make it easier for everyone.
This years theme: Pink. I am obsessed with pink christmas at the moment, which is odd since I can't remember ever liking the color even as a child. I recall preferring turquoise and sea foam green.
What is it with the color pink anyway? I guess it's pretty, but it looks terrible on me and I tend to associate it with societys generic model of femininity and girls who admire "bling" or have arrested development issues. And yet, I get all starry-eyed when I walk by Victoria's Secret...I think that I like it around me, just not on me.
Tomorrow is apparently going to be some sort of rain-snow-sleet shitstorm. My plans include wearing some serious winter gear to work, making atleast 15 lbs of buttercream frosting and drinking lots of hot black coffee. Ideally I would be able to look forward to a dvd and cuddling after work, but I've got another week to go through before that can happen. It's so close but yet at the same time the days are dragging...like waiting for water to boil. It might have been a good idea to spread my christmas preparations out a bit more. Sigh.

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