The Amazing 5lb Weight Gain Success!

Tonight I finally trecked my ass to the gym again, this time with the motivation of joining my friend Gwen. It always helps to have a parner in cardio misery.
I'm kind of an anti-scale person. I've spent too much of my life obsessing over a number, and I'm through with it. Except today for the first time in history the scale made me happy when it went up...I, the excessive emotional over-eater since age 6 have only gained 5 lbs since Policecop went to basic!!! Fecking horraaaaayyy!!!!!! 13 was my guess. Only 5....geez. That was well worth the indulgence, and entirely fixable. 5 is a good number. It fails to overwhelm me.
Anyway, had a good, past-due date with the eliptical.

And the PO box also provided favorable results tonight, when I came home to a tear-inducing-in-a-good-way, lovely letter. I like to read these letters in bits and pieces...read a page, check my email. Read another, brush my teeth. One more and make my bed...etc. This one was hard to put down though. 43 days.

Cleaned my room, putting the mexican cape (blanket) on the bed to prevent myself from wearing it. We'll see if this works. Also spent some serious time vacuming. The feathers from my costume got stuck underneath the stitches in my rug. Feathers everywhere. In my car too. I've been plucking them from the seats while driving, depositing them all over town.

Had some juvenile fun shooting pictures of my star wall. Which only resulted in sudden spagetti cravings.

Today I found another set of knickers that caught my fancy. I never buy pink anything, but it felt right. From the same brand as yesterdays find, Marilyn Monroe lingerie. They've had me since I found them two years ago. You can only find it at TjMaxx or Marshalls. It's always 7.99 for a bra, and 3 or 4 for the panties. This has pretty much turned me off on Vicky's for life. It's exciting to not have to pay $40 for a bra.
This is where it ends though. I need knickers, no more bras. Time to not be excessive.

Speaking of excessive, I love this bracelet from Kate Spade like you don't even know. She thinks of the greatest things. Unfortunately, I don't love her stuff enough to stop hating the prices. I need someone to just buy these things for me, and not ask for inappropriate favors.

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