The Monday that came too soon.

Today I had planned on visiting Policecop's parents, bearing the gift of magical cupcakes. Things didn't turn out as a co-worker fell ill and I had to cover but in the end it's all good. Working today gave my bank account a little extra oompfh! and fun times were had. The dish boy was nearly stabbed, but only nearly, which is the most important part of that story, which moral is do not eff with the boss lady's thanksgiving benedict. Ever.
I'm having grammatical insecurities regarding that last sentence, but it stays.

After work for whatever reason I went into experimental-daring-let's-change-something-mode, and settled on red hair dye. Let me say beforehand that I have done this before...it only turns my roots bright red, the rest stays dark. Do I like this effect? Not really. Do I repeat this mistake over, and over again at least three times a year? Yes. Did I think it might just be different this time around? I plead the 5th.

In the end, while the dying process left me in a state of panic as the creme went from gray to fire engine red, the results are not so bad. You get to see it later. Definitely not tonight. I'm haggard.

In preparation for tomorrow (Monday No.2) I decided to plan ahead, to make things easier for myself in the morning by setting the coffee maker. Image No.3 is a clear illustration of how I'm generally not gifted when it comes to "making things easier".

Logic and grace. We aint got none today either.
What do we have? 16 freshly baked cupcakes with nobody to love them...who wants in?

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