Last night I attended the Retirement Rave that I was going on about in the last post. Good times were had, but there is such a thing as too much good times, aka superabundant amounts of gin and tonic. I am going to swallow my pride here, and just throw it out there that I can not handle my alcohol like a champ anymore at age 27. Jackie, your booze glory days are over. Wave goodbye and move on. Coffee and tea have never treated you badly, made you sick or act the fool, so why do you shun them during celebrations? Just try it out. Remember that time about a month ago when you swore off alcohol till Policecop comes home? How about a re-do.

Anyhangover, I didn't exactly expect to wake up feeling fresh and ready to start projects but lord above, I was not expecting this. Inability to eat, smoke (?!), or even get up to shower. I took my temp, and behold, I am suffering not only a hangover but some sort of virus. My theory is that the limes were tainted with H1N1. I'm holding out with a shard of hope that tomorrow I will wake up and be back in business, but it's not looking too hopeful. I never get sick and it always catches me off guard when I do. I'm of the "Mitchum Man" variety. There have been approximately two times that I have sought medical attention in the past decade:

1- For a case of tonsillitis in Japan. After a week of throat drops and mandarin oranges produced no results, and my entire throat and head were swollen up to the point where I had no creases in my eyelids and could not speak. I had to get two separate antibiotic iv treatments.
2- Douchebag of the century laced my drink with amyl nitrate in Osaka. If I had to compare, I'd say that today's Hangover-1N1 is a much more comfortable situation. Positive thinking: Things could always be worse, like that time you drank surprise poppers.

Anyway, I'd say it's time for bed but I'm in one of those sick time warp modes where you've been in and out of feverish sleep all day, and while being exhausted, I feel like I should be doing something. Because since when was just sitting and recuperating ok? Besides, there's bradrock blasting from my brother's room.
I believe I will write a letter to policecop. Luckily we were able to talk a bit today which lifted my spirits. If he were here, everything would be so much nicer. He'd get me cold facecloths, or his special microwave heating pads depending. He'd set up movies on the laptop for us to watch. He'd make me lemon chicken soup. And he probably would have stopped me from overindulging in the first place last night, suggesting we leave the venue at a respectable hour, go home and watch The Shield, therefore leaving me with only H1N1 today, sans the hangover. I'm sure he would have saved me from myself. Only 17 days.

Also, pictured above is what was left of the glorious cake that I toiled over this week. I was so pumped to see it in all of its glory, but it was half eaten by the time I got there...still beautiful though.

Here comes the nausea again. H1N1, it's on. Because I can't afford to stay home from work, and I need to clean my room and start christmas preperations. Better now than in a month though, that's for sure. God I hate being sick. :(

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