Talking about Russia (and other things that cheer me up.)

You know those days that are just overcast with a tinge of blaaaaah that you just can't shake, and no particular activity or project can remedy the situation? That was today.
After work I set out to get the ingredients for making Russian black bread, but discovered that out of the 36 ingredients, most of them cost around $5 a piece. That is some hellishly expensive bread for a potatoes-and-vodka, rugged country. (This is my small-minded American vision of Russia. Handsome, well built men sitting around card tables and on beat up sofas, eating potatoes, drinking vodka, and being all-around spectacularly strong and manly. I'm very ok with maintaining this perception of Russia. And ps, they are always wearing wifebeaters. Often with suspenders. I have elaborated on certain stereotypes to suit my needs. There are no women besides me in Russia.)
Anyway, caraway and fennel probably run much cheaper in Russia. Ok, I'm done. Point is, I didn't make the bread.
I did neander over to Savers and found a neat-o scarf. That goes well with my happy hour high heels. And then I neandered over to Kohls and found a bathrobe!!! This is pretty big, because my typical leisure attire consists of me wearing my favorite blanket as a cape, and then getting upset when it gets dragged through the ashtray or a random bowl of macaroni and cheese on the kitchen table. I've done this countless times.
And yet when I arrived home, I found that my favorite mexican blanket had been washed. So now I'm wearing said blanket over the robe, defeating the purpouse entirely. I am a creature of habit and it can not be helped.
Also, it is about that time where I have entered the zone of actually needing new knickers. And I found some with tassels. This made my little burlesque heart smile.
Now, off to bed.

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