Thank god.
Only one problem remains. How does one go to the bathroom in an efficient and simple way when wearing a feather bustle.
A guy would not have this problem.
::envisions man standing at urinal with feather bustle::
I even practiced the whole Dita Von Teese makeup thing, but the brows are screaming old school Madonna. Also I can not pull off grays/silvers around the eye. It makes me look exhausted. Despite the fact that I've got the same eye color and pale skin as Miss Teese, I just can't swing it. I do rather like the beauty mark next to the eye. I've got a tiny, barely visible one there. If only it were more prominent, I would look atleast 90% more glamorous, I do believe.
This is the most elaborate costume I've ever put together. Definitely not the most comfortable thing I've ever worn, but I'm rather content with it :) Halloween is going to be good.

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  1. wow, very nice. you can buy a funnel through which to pee.