Irish Carbomb Cupcakes by candle light.

I've done it! Irish Carbomb cupcakes.
I encountered many obstacles throughout making these. Here's a timeline:
7 pm - Arrive home with all the ingredients after long cold shopping excursion in typhoon type weather.
7:06 pm- The baking process begins. I open the cabinet to retrieve a saucepan and BAM the power goes out due to an accident at the end of my street. Great.
7:06-8:10 pm- Feeling slightly defeated with lack of electricity but succeed in measuring out all of the ingredients by candle light while drinking the unused portion of Guinness. This upgrades the situation from bleak to bearable.
8:10 pm- Power returns, commence baking. Complete the cake, ganache, move on to the frosting when:
9:20 pm- Our hand mixer from the '70's breaks. Really? Now? After 40 years you break in a rainstorm when I'm 75% through an already delayed recipe?
9:30 pm- Rush to Target before it closes to find replacement mixer. Had to go the long way due to road blocked off as a result of accident. The toolbag driver was probably speeding along like the driving rain wasn't shit. Little did they know their actions would put my cupcakes in peril not once but TWICE. Selfish, reckless bastard.
10:05 pm- Arrive home with new, powerful mixer. Sounds like a vaccum cleaner. Does the job.
11:00 pm- Cupcakes are FINALLY baked, filled and frosted!!!!

Tonight I've got to tie up the loose ends of my costume, but first I need to tend to the room situation. It's a frightful mess.
Recipe for the cupcakes was found HERE! BAKE THESE! FIVE STARS!
As if these delicious cupcakes weren't enough, the recipe leaves you with a glass of guiness and a bit of Jameson to enjoy while you're toiling in the kitchen. If only every recipe called for whiskey and guiness....

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