For a good time, call the Plymouth Police Dept.

TADAAAAH!!! These were the top-secret coveted shoes I spoke of. I am smitten. These are some powerful kicks. I find the fact that I can wear this same skirt with flip flops, or even basic heels and get zero reaction. But for whatever reason, when only a few inches of your legs are exposed as opposed to the whole deal, it comes across as provocative and sexy. This is why over-knee boots are fascinating to me.

I wore this out last night to the BBC, where I met up with my lovely and charming co-workers, Gwen, and some of our dear friends from the Plymouth Police department. The torch was passed when Julie danced with Officer "Tricky Ricky", I thought he was going to die of concentrated bliss.
Also, the local celebrity Detective Stassattack had a special frisky moment with Rick.

After I uploaded these photos, my camera officially quit this world. Kaput, done for good, broken. This is a bummer because I need to find a new one, but can not yet afford the one I want. I'm torn and am kicking myself for not working harder to save up more, earlier. I may end up buying a cheap one, and then getting the DSLR of my dreams with my tax returns next year...I need to think about it.

At the very least, I'm glad my little crap polaroids last breaths were spent capturing these fantastical moments. Julie and Stassattack are going to be jazzed that these moments were not lost in time!

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