These could make a grown man cry...

I've officially decided that I will undergo a baking project every Sunday, in order to defeat the end-of-weekend blues. And it works. It's also going to make me fat if I keep hitting the jackpot as I did today. I came up with a hybrid of two recipes:
Pumpkin cheesecake rollovers.
Not turnovers. Because they are round. And they roll.
I used this recipe for bourbon pumpkin cheesecake. I couldn't find any typical bourbon nips, so I used American Honey, which I'm a fan of. Since I had no need for the crust, I just lined two round pans with foil and baked them that way.
As for the puffs, I'm typically anal about making everything from scratch. But I made an exception after discovering that a proper puff pastry dough takes three days to make. I wasn't up for it, so I used the store bought. While the pumpkin goodness was baking, I used this recipe as a template, rolling out and cutting the dough (2x2 inch squares.)
After the pumpkin bit was done and cooled off a bit, I used about 1tsp of the filling, folded it up in the pastry and closed it on the bottom. They looked like little mini manjus or mochi. Which was cute and got me thinking that these things would be freaking killer deep fried...but tomorrow is another day.
I added a bit of egg wash and home made cinnamon sugar, baked them for about 13 minutes and VOILA. These things are so good it's actually pretty nonsensical. Nothing has to be this good...mindblowing. With the cinnamon sugar, the puff pastry almost tastes like a fried dough. The recipe yielded 48 of these, 16 went into boxes, and between my mother, brother and myself, there are now a lonely six left on the stove. Which kind of frightens me, I can't remember exactly how many I had. Bite size sweets are dangerous...
These are quite seriously some of the best things I've ever come up with. EVER.
I'll be sending them out to Policecop as a congratulations for his graduation from basic training this week.


  1. you should send me some sweets :(

  2. I'd rather that than eat them all myself, send me your add. and I'll send you goodies.

  3. 201 dwight hall - umass
    41 eastman lane
    amherst ma

  4. can i make a request? home made pumpkin delights. like the little debbie kind, but home made. yahhh!