The Slacker Returns

I haven't posted since Sunday. I think this is the longest post-between-post I've had since I started this blog. It's not that I've been too busy or tired, it's just that my inspiration-o-meter has been kind of blank for a while. That, and it was hard to top the pumpkin puff pastries...

This week a few good things happened:
1- I started going to the gym again. As a result, my muscles are in a state of trauma.
2- Went to 5 Guys with Russ and Junior. I love how I can talk about anything and everything with them. Ideally, I'd like to have dinner with these two on at least a bi-weekly basis. This way I can get a regular dose of Russel's words of wisdom, and laugh together with John Junior about my short-comings, clumsiness and misfortunes, which is a beautiful thing.
3- Received the final piece of my Halloween costume in the mail: the actual corset. For the sake of modesty and prevention of indecent exposure I need to sew in a halter strap, but that should only take me 30 minutes tops. I'm planning on doing this tomorrow. I've included a sneak-preview picture.
4- The discovery of Andy Warhol stationary at The Paper Store. I am usually entirely disappointed at their prices, but this set was extremely reasonable. Who knew Andy Warhol doodled butterflies in his spare time?

As for the fashion front, I've been in non-buying mode. I went out a few times this week and found a number of admirable things, but nothing that captured my fancy so much as to make me lay down my debit card. It's a mix of being extremely picky, frugal, and practical regarding the season...this is a good thing. So I've been enjoying things that I've had for a while. Mainly these three things:
1: Studded Belt- It doesn't go with everything, but when it does match up it just closes the deal. I love this belt.
2: Black "Biker" boots from Target, got them on clearance this past spring for $8. These are my new rainy day boots.
3: Kimono-ish sweater, also from Target. I can't remember exactly but it's been atleast a year since I found this one. It's got buttons down the back, big open sleeves, comfy in every way. It's kind of getting worn out, which is sad. These kind of shirts aren't exactly re-produced every year. This is why I need to learn how to sew well.

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