Random Camera Practice and Whatnot.

Today I basically went around taking pictures of anything and everything. I'm still working on getting used to the manual iso, and how the different settings react to different situations. What an amazing feeling to be able to take pictures that actually come out, and not having the battery run out after five shots...LOVE.
So, random pictures of things I fancied today:
1- Plymouth center in the morning. My ride to work is always rather pretty.
2-Shopping at BJ's. Which I hate. But I love rice.
3- ELLIOT'S AUTUMN BISQUE SOUP. In caps and bold, because it's that good. I had it for breakfast and lunch today. I asked him if I could take some home for dinner, and I caught him giving me a slight are-you-for-real-type side eye, so I digressed. I kind of wish I hadn't. This soup makes my soul sparkle. Pumpkin, summer squash, granny smith apples and fresh ginger. AND it's not a cream base so it's healthy. I'm already excited about having it for breakfast again tomorrow. Officially obsessed.
4- Scene down the street from my house. Carver can be pretty in the fall.
5 and 6- The welcome home committee. Rudy, who has no fear of moving vehicles and jumps on my car every day when I pull in the driveway. Albany kitty who is a cuddle fiend.
7- Those $6.99 heels I got last week. I'm calling them my catwoman shoes. I wore them to target to get floss and soap. So what?
8 and 9 - Bare Naturale Mascara. I bought my first tube of this over the summer, loved it and then experimented with a few others that only disappointed. It's 97% natural and works miracles. Win-win.

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