The things you find while you're looking for something else...

Lately I've been finding everything except for what I'm looking for.
Tonight, the search was for a camera strap that I bought in Japan, for my NEW CAMERA!!!!
I've been slacking on posting lately for a few reasons, one of the main ones being the crap quality of the photos my camera was kicking out. It was taking me way too much time and effort to get decent shots to put up. And after Friday night when it broke, I was almost relieved to have a legitimate need for a new one. Being the smart consumer that I am, I searched relentlessly for days on websites for customer reviews, visited at least ten stores to test demo models and price compare. Today I finally found one worth more than I payed (I'm convinced of this).
It has the most consistently high ratings everywhere I checked, and when I tried it out...instant love. Things are going to be a bit tight for a week, but I could actually afford the Fujifilm Finepix J38. 12.2 megapixels, all kinds of fancy features, and IT SHOOTS WELL IN POOR LIGHTING!
After all of the deliberation, Best Buy in Kingston was sold out. They called around and I had to go all the way to Taunton, as they had 3 in stock. It took me about an hour to get there with traffic, and they had one left. I'm calling it my little buddy. J38, we were meant to be.
It's not exactly the DSLR of my dreams, but great things take time. I am so overly excited about this. I'll stop gushing now.

Anyway, things I've found accidentally this week...

Instead of letter from Policecop in the mailbox: Harriet Carter '09 catalogue. Entirely entertaining. Personalized toothpick holder, transport container for deviled eggs, a book titled "Why are there no Cats in the Bible?"...I read myself asleep with this catalogue last night.

Instead of basic green tea: Chai Green Tea. FIVE STARS. Found this at Shaws.

Instead of camera strap: Tons of random jewelery I forgot I had.

Instead of camera tripod: ET doll from Universal Studios Japan. Winter greeting card I liked so much I bought it for no reason a few years ago. I'll send it to Chris in November. Also, that velvet clutch I got for free, which just happens to be the perfect size to fit my camera and the tripod (found later).

Good stuff, good stuff. I'll be posting on a regular basis now, seeing as I can not put this camera down for the life of me.

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