Blood, tears, sweat and feathers.

Quick post tonight because I am honestly ready to hit the shower and crawl into bed and watch internet episodes of 48 Hours. So ready...
I had to share my toil-full heavy-effort project, which I miraculously completed in one night:
The feather bustle for my costume.
I had ordered a bulk shipment of 12 princess boas a while back and put it off because I got distracted by other projects/was a bit burnt out on constantly working on the costume. Tonight I got down to it and it was no small effort. I now understand why you can not find these things for sale online...seeing as there is probably a relatively low level of demand, it would take one crazy bitch to make these for a living. TEDIOUS.
First off, I wasn't pleased to find that my boas had tinsel sewn in when they arrived, but had to make due. I found it incredibly difficult to find a sewing needle in a sea of feathers laden with shiny tinsel...
It looked like a crow...a family of crows exploded in my room. At one point I pulled a feather out of my mouth. Found one in my glass of water too.
All in all, it took me about 3.5 hours And ten out of the twelve boas.
Thankfully, I'm happy with the final product. I was going to try it on with the corset and all, but honestly, I had no effort left to spend. So pj shorts it was.
The intensity level of this project has rendered me loopy.
Time for murder mysteries, hot tea and soft blankets.

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