Things I Loved Today:

1 & 2: Baking at work on a slow day.
Granted slow days are not a good thing, but when I can do my baking work in my little corner uninterrupted and at my own pace, It's relaxing for me. Having the time to admire my work and appreciate all that Elliot has taught me is nice. The pictured wonders are cheese danishes (cherry, apple and lemon respectively, pre-oven). Excellent except I forgot the apricot glaze after I baked them. Also, brownies with caramel, ganache, and white chocolate stripes. These were mighty pretty. Though I prefer my brownies straight up, raw-ish in the middle and with a dusting of sea salt as it turns out. I have mixed feelings about caramel lately. I'm opposed to eating things that stick all up in my teeth.

3: The Office Stationary: Or notepads rather. I was thinking of creating a "That's what she said" themed card for Policecop. That's when I found this at Target. It's not like I don't have enough stationary already, but I really have fun mixing it up and finding new things to suprise him. Also, blame the stationary addiction on Japan.
And while on the topic of "that's what she said", while I was explaining the joke to my mother tonight, she reminded me that my Grandfather frequently employed that phrase to mock and enrage my Grandmother. It all came back to me in a split second and I was blown away...my Grampa was the pioneer of that's-what-she-said before Michael Scott ever existed. Woaaaahhhh....

4 & 5: Rhinestone studded whip: I bought this riding crop a while back for my costume. (Go here to read about the awkward incident at the tack shop...)
Tonight I finally got around to burlesque-izing it tonight. I used rhinestone sticker sheets I got at Michael's in the ribbon department, and a cut of rhinestone string found at Joanne's. A little bit of red ribbon and voila! Still needs a bit of work, but it looks mighty fancy. Especially the handle, which you can't see well in these pictures, I'll take better ones later this week when it's completely done.

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