DIY is Good for the Heart.

Today I started the hefty task of making myself my own personal mini burlesque top hat for the costume. I could have purchased a cheap costume store version of one of these for the same amount I payed on materials (about $17), but honestly I was in need of a project and I think it came out AWESOME. (If I do say so myself...very very proud.)

I started with a mini felt hat made for dolls, found at Michael's. I didn't like the idea of just plain old felt, so I dressed it up with some clearance satin from Joanne's. Attached painstakingly using fabric tape (the kind you use to fix hems in a jiffy, if you're sewing impared like me), and impromptu ghetto patterns made by yours truly. Also some help from the only tape measure in my house, which is older than the concept of retracting buttons and plastic. You have to hand-wind it back up.
Add a satin ribbon, feathers, and black mesh that I dug out from under my bed, and VOILA!!!
It still needs some tweaking. For one, I've got to figure out a good way to make it stick to my head. And some rhinestones also.

In addition, I found a whip today. My costume is officially complete. After one extremely awkward conversation at the tack shop:
Jackie: "I'm looking for a riding crop, or whip...it's for a costume, so it doesn't need to be any type in particular..."
Saleswoman: "What kind of costume?"
Jackie: "Burlesque dancer."
Saleswoman: "What function will the whip play in this costume?"
Jackie: "......."

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  1. Amazing!!!!!!

    Bravo!!!!!! That is seriously top notch!