A Harpers Ferry Saturday:

Last night I went into town to see Death & Taxes, Jason Bennett and Lenny Lashley with the Ace Gang. Harpers Ferry is a neat little venue with pool tables in the back and two separate bars. However-note: The bathrooms are pretty third-world. Although there were no detached stall doors this time around, so that was good.
I met Nicole and instantly fell in love with her zipper purse. And her dress. I think I need to find me a plaid dress...
Also pictured is Savitkas, number #1 fan of Red Herring, as it turns out.
On the way home we listened to Zeppelin and ate Dunkin Donuts flatbreads. There is something about takeout food on the way home from Boston at 2 am that makes me swoon.


  1. I hear that Satvikas guy has a first name. ;)

    -Nom DeLeetad

    p.s. you wouldn't believe the "captcha" that just came up for this post .. Too freakin' funny!

  2. wait, what's a "captcha"? i should probably know this, running a blog and all.

  3. It's the blury crooked letters that you have to type in to keep spammers, and computer generated crap from posting stuff.

    Captcha= Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

    You know.. those crazy things that torture dyslexics like me to no end!!
    -Fontain Uvinformation.

  4. ooohh yeaaah!!!! i think i just temporarily forgot that. so what was the captcha?

  5. Kinky LOL!!

    -Niegh Spoy.

  6. Thanks muffin, your the cutest!