File this Under: Days that I wish I had a subscription to Netflix.

Since I'm working tomorrow, Saturday turned into my Sunday. I did acchieve the massive task of switching out summer clothes to fall/winter, coming up with three bags for Salvation Army in the process. Still, it felt like I hadn't done anything and I got itchy for some room-reform. Whenever I feel icked-out on life, one of my first instincts is to move furniture, to paint, to change whatever I can about my immediate surroundings. It's a superficial tendency in a way, but can keep me occupied for a few hours, and sometimes bear favorable results.
However, I've come to the conclusion time after time...there is no way to re-arrange this room and maintain spacial balance. It's just too small, the windows are in bad places and the bed is too damn BIG. Yet I try, again and again. Today I once again accepted defeat after a few wasted hours, and retired to the kitchen where I consoled my feelings of helplessness by sharing a pastrami sandwich with my mother. One day I will have a room that can be switched around at my whim, and it will even have a closet. On this day, I will fall to my knees, weeping in dramatic fashion a la Extreme Home Makover...you know the type...family of twelve living in a two bedroom trailer, kids doing homework on top of the fridge, son is captain of the football team despite everything...etc etc.
When I get a closet, the neighborhood is going to rally at my doorstep and cheer me on because I've been working so hard, and if anyone deserves a closet, it would be me.
(End rambling.)
So the fall clothes are out of the bag(s). I had a pretty good time trying things on, especially these silly old hats. The one with the bow screams grandmother-from-christmas-vacation, but I'm going to rock it anyway.
Also blue vintage shoes from England. Everything I fall for lately seems to be approximately this shade of blue.
And giant furry hat, also vintage. I'm excited to be able to wear it this winter, I couldn't last year because my industrial wasn't healed completely and it hurt it.
(All fur pictured is of the faux varitety. So put down those paint buckets, por favor.)


  1. I'll be taking up a collection to help purchase you your very own closet. Where would one find a store with a nice variety of closets to choose from, and what's the going rate on a mid sized walk in?

    -M. Heertuhelp.