Who wore it better?

Yesterday I went out with my trusty consignment shop treasure map, and hit up Plymouth and Kingston. The original shop I had hoped to find great things at yielded nothing, but I think it was just probably an off-week. It's always hit or miss.
I did however find a little section in the Main Street Marketplace in Plymouth center FULL of vintage clothes at 50% off. I work right across the street from this place and somehow never knew about it. I was able to score not one, but two winter jackets. Honest to god warm winter jackets. I have a terrible habit of buying outerwear that is visually appealing but less practical in January temperatures. I do this every year. But not this time.
Pictured is an official United States Air Force uniform winter jacket, from sometime between 1949 and 1965. This couldn't have been worn even once. Grand total: $10. Being military-grade warm in January: Priceless.


  1. is the jacket actually fitted like that though?

  2. it's a tiny bit big in the shoulders, but the waist is fitted perfectly.