FOUNDFOUNDFOUND! The Great Day of Findings.

Today I finally made it to the little consignment shop in North Carver. I never get to go there, because their hours are weird, but today worked out. When you walk in, the place is basically a tremendous mess, but there's a little clothing area in the back that's kept up nicely. Let me tell you, this place is cheap as hell. And almost untapped. The kind people of Carver are more into sweatpants and farming gear, I do believe. But the owner's daughter is a design school grad, and collects vintage pieces. Bummer for me. She didn't get everything though.

1:Blue and white dress/jacket combo. The buttons are little white bows. Freaking cute as hell. I tried it on in the dressing room, loved it. When I got home and added the red ribbon: instant cheerleader. Which made me giggle. I think I'll avoid wearing it with the bow in public.
2: Apparently if you spend $5, you get your choice of a free bag. If you spend $10, you get two. How great is that? Pickings were slim, no Coach finds like last time, but I did find this vintage leather purse from Lord & Taylor. And talked her into letting me have this vintage velvet clutch for the second bonus bag. (Did I mention the owner is extremely nice?)
3: New red flats for work FINALLY. $2.
4: KNITKNIT!!!! I have been looking for this book for over a year! I've searched in yarn shops, in Boston, Borders, craft stores, the Harvard bookstore, Northampton EVERRRYYWHEEERE...
And today when I was out buying gluten-free cake mix at the health food store, I saw it in the window of the neighboring bookstore, off of exit five near the jail...of all freaking places. In the window even...AND 75%OFF EVEN. Because the store is closing down. Which is sad. I find something incredibly melancholy about a little bookstore owned by a little old man going out of business, even if it means I can get the much coveted KnitKnit for $5.
5: From the depths of my brother's closet, Mom's vintage plushy-fluffy coat. Apparently my grandmother bought this for her when she was pregnant with me. This will be perfect for keeping warm this Halloween. The upper-half of me anyway. My arse doesn't have a hope in the world.

I've been having a tough week (or two). Today I even got a talking to about keeping my frustration in check at work. Which was due. I have a habit of repressing the big things, and the bottled up rage tends to manifest itself in the wrong places: when customers come in at closing, when the dishes pile up, etc. I have a terrible time hiding my emotions, despite the fact that I lived in Japan for so long. It really does amaze me that I didn't catch on to that social habit a bit more, even though I continue to sit on the floor and take my shoes off every time I enter a house...still can't eat ramen with a fork, I find it unsettling...
Anyhooot, I never usually get talkings-to, and when I do I get extremely upset with myself. But I'd much rather be kept in check and given a heads up, rather than continue the rageathon and unknowingly offend/upset people. Le sigh. I could use a vacation HARDCORE.
So it was nice to find little presents all over the place today. Especially KnitKnit. That elusive book just sitting in the window, I do think that baby jesus put it there just for me.

PS: Great thanks to Erik Piantedosi, the local butcher who kindly informed my boss that I blog about kinky undergarments, especially during this sensitive time when I've been scolded for an outburst. She is going to think that I'm an angry fetishist.
Also, thank you for pointing out that I blushed.


  1. Dearest Jacks,

    I shall let the tortellini sisters know that Erik needs a swift smack to the back of the head, as tomorrow is tortellini thursday at the butchers', and they will jump all over the chance to smack him up the backside of his head.

    ...but then he'll probably be even more pleased with himself...



  2. in the first picture, it's fun to pretend albany really is that big. try it.

  3. AWWW!!!! I'm going to help Alby start her own blog.