Chocolate Par Avion.

Dear Lover,
I've been a no-good-girlfriend in every way as of late, and all you want is for me to be there. That and home made peanut butter cups. You've been asking for over a month. So finally, here you go.

I made these from this recipe, except with a small addition. I have trouble following recipes to a tee, because I feel like they aren't mine until I personalize them. So the conclusion I came to was to add 1 tsp of Frangelico to the melted chocolate, and a bit of sea salt to the filling. Topped off with some cocoa powder and SHABAM! Except next time I think I'll use a less dark chocolate, these things are POTENT. (I used Ghirardelli 60% with this batch.)
Found some great stickers on clearance at Michael's to decorate the package with. From Martha Stewart. Honestly, she really does have the cutest stuff sometimes but it's generally overpriced. Cute though.

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