I'm into Leather: Coach Edition

Here's the deal. I generally do not like Coach. I find the monogram series to be entirely distasteful, especially the garish, gaudy, multicolored versions. So much in fact that if someone gave me a monogramed Coach as a gift I'd be kind of heartbroken. I'm not a brand whore. If I don't like something, doesn't matter to me who made it. Like the Vuitton with flowers and such...blargh.
HOWEVER: I'm into leather. Good leather. Handcrafted, buttery leather. Which Coach also produces. The thing with good leather is that it will last you forever. It will last your grandchildren forever too, so long as you take semi-decent care of it. I find this to be smart, practical, and even sentimental. For example, the Evisu wallet I got in Kyoto four or five years back...I've used it nearly every day since and will for a long time to come.
I found this purse, vintage from the late '70s for $11 at a consignment shop in Carver last summer. It was buried in a giant bin, screaming my name. I want so desperately to get it refurbished, when I have some extra change she's getting a makeover. The quality of the bag is pretty damn dreamy. Heavy, soft, and not a single tear or loose stitch in over 30 years. Vintage Coach, I salute you!
Also, Coach belt found at Savers for $8. That's approximately $12 less than I payed for the cheap studded one at Hot Topic, which will eventually break, being made of plastic.
Worn with dress by Gap and vintage slip (Salvation Army and Savers, last fall)
Scarf by AE, found at Marshalls
Shoes from Target 3 years back.


  1. who is that bean in the background? i wish i had a permanent animal friend in my room :(

  2. Oh how I love good quality leather. Very nice score and it looks great on you.

    -Hyde Tanner.

  3. That particular bean would be Albany. She always finds her way into my pictures. Although the other day Shmee made a cameo.


    I've actually been trying to find a jacket similar to Mr. Hyde Tanner's. It's hard to find more ladylike versions..... i'm going to keep trolling the interwebs tho until one pops up.

    i am so very jealous of your wardrobe, Cpt. Danger.

    - Jailbait B.

  5. I'll gladly lend my jacket out for a photoshoot for the blog.

    -Hyde Tanner

  6. Just say the word and let me know. I'm all for it.

    -Jack Etloaner.

  7. Would it come with the switchblade comb?

    - Jailbait

  8. That could be arranged.

    -Mike Ohmbrools