Work Kicks.

Fact: I've been looking for new work shoes for over three months.
I tend to go for ballerina style flats because I generally hate sneakers. The problem is that it's terribly hard to find a pair of comfortable yet stylish flats, even though they have been in style for at least two years. I don't have especially wide feet, but almost every cute pair I've found pinches around the sides. Which is even worse than ball-of-foot pain caused by stilettos in my opinion.
So when I find a pair that is comfortable and functional, I wear the hell out of them. I'm still missing on the $5 canvas slip-ons I found at H&M. I wore them until the rubber soles were literally falling off. And then some.
I've been wearing a pair of Converse One Star flats from Target for over 4 months now. While they have had a good run, it's time to switch. Any girl who wears flats on a regular basis knows that they just get nasty over some period of time. We've all tried those little mini-socks, but they always poke out around the edges and are just plain ugly. I don't care if you wash your feet in sea salt and rose petals, flats get BUNK.
I found these sweet double-tongue Converse on clearance. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Converse. Reminds me of high school gym class, being in the group of kids incapable of running even a quarter mile. Plaid pajama pants and Converse sneakers always symbolized the kid that you definitely did not want on your volleyball team. That was me.
Converse is kind of the eternal edge-kid sneaker in my opinion. No cushions, no springs, no reflectors, no technology. This is why Converse will always be in style. It's the quintessential sneaker-of-sneakers, for kids who just need sneakers, and not to be cross country Olympians.

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  1. I would have picked you for my volleyball team.

    -Jim Classless.