Real vs. Fake: The Materialistic/Superficial Showdown...

I don't like to think of myself as a brand-whore. But the truth is I go through phases, in and out of it. I bought my first high-end piece at the age of 17. I was working at Marshalls part time, scraped together my pennies and managed to win an authentic vintage Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud on Ebay. Which I eventually sold to a pawn shop in Japan for $50, and being sure that it was upsold for at least $300, I still feel cheated and regretful to this day. But that is what pawn shops are for, and at least I payed my rent.

Q: What is it about high-end purses that drives us mad?
A: It is a simple non-confrontational, one-step way to show the world that we are well-off, careless high-maintenance bitches that don't think a thang about dropping $500 on something that only serves to hold all of our shit that we need to carry along, while a plastic shopping bag could serve the same purpose in all logic.

Which is why most girls go for the extremely flashy, most recognizable versions..the LV multicolore (I HATE IT), and COACH. Pastel, multicolored, animal print Coach. Tacky, overly-loud, garish, nasty. HATE IT.

However, I am still a slave to the classics for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the status symbol ordeal...I'm not too proud to admit that I feel pretty fancy with a Louis on my shoulder. About a month-and-a-half back, I bought a replica LV Papillon at Savers. The Papillon has always been my #1 favorite model, so I jumped on it. The monogram was well done, the interior was extremely well done in buttery suede, the stitches were good. I've been using this purse nearly every day since I bought it, and low and behold...the straps are falling apart after a measly 45 days. Unfortunatley, this purse is now no more than a sad lesson learned. I could have bought a bag at a department store for half of the price that would have lasted me ten times longer.

As luck would have it, I went to a consignment shop a few towns over and found an authentic Gucci Bardot purse. Legit authentic. The asking price was $72.00, which I wasn't quite up for, being extremely cheap and all. After some thorough inspection of the bag, I managed to find a tiny coffee stain. The owner of the shop contacted the owner of the purse by phone, and there was a three-way haggle. I managed to pick up this authentic Gucci for $50 today.

This serves as a materialistic substitute for not being able to go to Saratoga with my friends this weekend due to conflicting work schedules and other issues.
So, while I would have rather spent the $50 having fun in Saratoga if it were in any way possible, this is an ok-kind-of consolation. And it will certainly last long enough to pass down to a lucky granddaughter someday.

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