Albany Coat, We Were Meant to Be....

File this under fall preparedness also.
I have been wearing the same grey cotton jacket from H&M for two years. It's technically made for fall, and to put it bluntly, fucking useless after mid-november. Not to mention dirty and beat...and grey. I just didn't bother investing in a jacket last year. They tend to be expensive. Did anyone else get a giant kick out of Old Navy's ploy last year? They sold the shell of the coat and the lining seperately. I am forever banning Old Navy. They suck all around.
This year it was kind of a necessity to find a decent, warm jacket. (Note: I have very little necessity for clothes at this point, but every now and then something pops up).
Along with the kilt, I found this jacket at the Thrifty Pilgrim. The color is excellent, but hard to catch on my camera. Like a royal blue with a touch of turquoise. Made from suede-ish fabric, not quite suede, but still heavy and sturdy. There was a button missing, which was not such a loss. They were light purple plastic, with cheap gold painted framing. Cute in a vintage way, but still cheap looking. So I headed over to Joanne Fabrics, picked up some brass-looking buttons, went home and got down to sewing. During the proccess I stabbed myself only two times. Which is better than the last time, when I mistook my thigh for the pincushion.
I'm quite pleased with the results. If I could change one thing about this coat, it would be the collar...I'd make it big and trench-coat-ish. Either way I'm a scarf fiend, so no biggie. And for $8, can I really complain? I think with this, I am set for fall :)

This coat is by Honigsbaum's, which is from Albany to boot. Albany is where the heart is.
Worn with cotton knit beret by yours truly! I made it last year, I think. I should be getting back into knitting pretty soon.
Boots from Savers, also $8. I like the little buckles.

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