Fall Preparedness, Session 2:

I've been on the lookout for a good quality plaid skirt for at least two years. Not the mini-skirt polyester/cotton/rayon/spandex blend type with plastic buttons that you can find at Rave. I'm talking real, made for fall, wool plaid, done tastefully.
And today I found one. For $4 at the Thrifty Pilgrim in Cordage Park.
An honest to god kilt. Made in Scotland. You can't really beat that. It even came with the original giant safety pin attached, rendering this skirt practical in the sense that if anyone ever tried to attack me, I have a 2.5 inch long, sturdy needle at my disposal. Let's just hope I don't stab myself with it first.
I came across this gem approximately five minutes before the store closed, so I didn't have time to try it on. I held it up, the width seemed a-ok for my waist, and the tag read 12, so i figured being vintage it would fit low on the hips at the very worst. When I got it home and tried it on, I couldn't get the second leather buckle to reach...at which point I realized the tag read "Age 12", as opposed to "Size 12"...
Thankfully, the skirt is entirely wearable even without the use of the second buckle.

Worn with turtleneck from Rave, of all places. I've had this for years. I love it because it is fitted and long.
Shoes: Charolette Russe 1.5 years back
Tights: Marshalls, last year.
Earrings: Vintage family heirloom. They belonged to my mother's Aunt Tressa in Nova Scotia. I belive they are gold and onyx. If I ever lose these, I'm good as dead.

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  1. jacks, you're so thrifty it hurts. the only fall preparedness i've done is bought a pair of boots and a trenchcoat and made sure my neon tights from topshop are clean. and i bought all that crap full price. i need to stick with you if i'm gonna save any money....