Wrentham Premium Outlets can Suck It....

I've been admiring this certain Coach keychain for a while, owned by our chef Elliot's wife. It's monogram canvas, which I usually hate from Coach, but the catch for me was that the inside served as a mini picture frame for two small photos. That and the little heart charm...
She told me that she got it at the Coach Wrentham Outlet for $8, and after a few hard waitressing shifts, I thought, why not?
So I took the long drive up to Wrentham this afternoon, only to find that the said key chain sells for $19....
I don't care if it took me 45 minutes to drive there, I'm not paying $19 for a keychain. Unless it is utterly massive and holds all of my personal effects, with a loop on the end to attach my keys...i.e. a BAG.
So I wandered around this giant outlet complex for about two hours. 99% of it was a giant disappointment, except for Barneys...
Walking into the Barneys outlet was like one of those dreams where you find ten million perfect things and they all become yours, then suddenly you wake up. The store was just filled with pieces more beautiful than I'd ever seen in real life, I can't even compare it to Newbury Street in Boston or Takashimaya in Japan...just unbelievable stuff...this basically confirms that I am a country bumpkin. I guess I'm ok with that.
Although I went home from Wrentham entirely empty handed, I had a pretty good day. I took a trip to Target afterwards and found an abundant amount of greatness for less than what that little keychain would have cost me. Let's break it down:
1:Daytime-appropriate fascinator: $3.98
1: Perfect dress in my color...primary-ish green: $7.48
(Worn with boots from Savers, thigh high knit socks from Target last year. Vintage belt.)