Halloween 09 is going to be BIG.

I freaking love Halloween. Permission to dress up in ridiculous sexy ways: Granted. This should happen once a month, not once a year.

I'm honestly tired of the instant sexy costume in a bag trend. I find it generic and uncreative, and it comes across as just plain slutty. Take your pick...cop, pirate, gangster, nurse, cat, bunny...these costumes in a bag are cheaply made and grossly overpriced at $50-$70 on average, and basically guarantee that you will be wearing the same thing as everyone else. Not fun. I much prefer using my creative energy. That's half the fun in the first place.
This is not to say that I want to create a giant felt full body costume of an eggplant. It's not fun to go out and have every other girl looking sexy sexy while you look like something from a kindergarten produced play about nutrition, or something of that sort.

So I have decided this year, I am going to piece together my very own burlesque costume. Burlesque is not a sexy version of anything, it's just flat out sexy. I find this rather refreshing. Let's not dance around the issue...we all know you're dressed up as a ho, not a cop.
I love burlesque to start with, so it's ideal. In the immortal words of Mark Lind last Halloween, "elaborate, sensational and shit".

Feathers, satin, lace, backseam thigh highs...this is going to rock. Very excited :)
Here are some pictures I googled for inspiration/ideas. I do think Dita Von Teese is the sex. The ultimate sex. I would probably faint in her presence. Included are some photos from her shoot with Scarlett Johanson. My eyes swung both ways when I saw these pictures. Hotness.
The top two pictures blew my mind. Absolutely breathtaking. They are from 666photography, which is 666% worth checking out.

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