High Heel Happy Hour.

So tonight my non-shopping mood was obliterated. With a pre-set budget of $50-$75, I was out on a mission looking for one top-secret particular pair of shoes, searched about 8 different stores, put two possible candidates on hold. Things were looking grim. My set budget was too low, none of the styles were exactly what I wanted.
And then I found High Heel Happy Hour at Charlotte Russe. Say what?
Buy one pair, get the second pair for $10. And oh, by the way, we have a whole rack of shoes on clearance for $6.99 too.

Long story short, after some extreme deliberation, I ended up scoring the coveted shoes for $39.99 which is basically unheard of for this style. Another pair for $10, and then a pair for $6.99. This math makes me extremely happy. 3 for $20 less than I was going to pay for one at the other store.
I'm not sure how long this sale is actually going on. They run this promotion every now and again, but tonight it was posted as only being from 5-8 pm, this Thursday only. But fear not. I'm sure they'll do it again. Sidenote: I find their heels to be exceptionally comfortable to boot.

While the secret pair is going to remain under wraps until tomorrow, these are the additional two I scored. Plus, these sweet thigh highs I got from Yandy.com. For like $5. Yes, the Yandy that sells whorish halloween costumes. I went there in search of gloves for my burlesque class, which I also found for cheaper than anywhere else. They have the biggest, best, most wonderful and CHEAP collection of thigh highs I have ever seen. With the free shipping, it got here in only two days. I heart Yandy. Worn with my Carlos Santana criss cross numbers, from this spring.

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