Lovely Saturday and Parmesan the Frog.

Today was a perfect Saturday aside from the weather, and having to drive in said weather. I really have a hard time seeing anything at night, never mind through blinding rain. Not to mention the wind blows my '97 corolla around the road like a beat up rag doll, leaving me white knuckled and leaning forward in the drivers seat, anticipating death. Part of the fear comes from driving around all last year on bald tires. They've been replaced since, but I am still in a constant state of panic whenever it rains.

Anyway, today:

Woke up at 9:30, had two cups of coffee. Showered, painted face, mailed off cookies to Policecop. The Postmistress at our little vintage/retro post office usually has a rather grumpy disposition, but she seems to have taken a liking to me. She asked if my package was a gift, I said yes. At which point she put a glittery halloween bat sticker next to the address. This made me smile. I think that maybe she had a boyfriend in bootcamp at one point too. This is probably what made her grumpy in the first place. I understand.
Made a quick trip to Target for groceries, came back and got down to some much needed room cleaning. With a lack of closet, things get messy really quick. Not to mention since I broke out my feather boa this week, it looked like a crow exploded in my room. Also having some extra time to spare, I spent it recording tried and trusted recipes into my cookbook.

After this I went to Policecop's house for a much belated tea session with his lovely mother. At first I got a little bit teary eyed, seeing the wicker furniture out on the front porch with two cups of coffee left from the morning...and then when I saw his ACU portrait on the fireplace...
It was very nice visiting her, she really is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She even brought out childhood pictures of him. I was quite amused to see his bleached hair high school graduation. This is only fair since my mother has tons of fat childhood pictures of me framed in every corner of our house. You could play dominoes with them. You could probably compile them and make an animated flip-book of my rollercoaster weight gain and loss...
While talking with her time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to head down to Easton for dinner with my father. Which was also extremely belated.
We went to the 99 where I got that chicken caesar salad and pinot grigio that I was so excited about. Even after giving a box to Policecops parents, I still had cookies left over to give to my Dad. He said that his girlfriend's kids would devour them, but I think that he's secretly chowing down on them right now.

After braving the dark rainy roads and finally arriving at the homefront, I changed into my pajamas and was all set and primed to chill out and just revel in the goodness of the day. At which point an anomaly occured. A strange small shape moving in foreign, unexpected ways, over yonder by the bed stand. Animated ways in which a stray feather from my boa could not possiby move. I've found that the things you catch in your peripheral vision are usually the things worth looking at, as was the case this time.
Oh hi, frog in my room.
Why are you here?
How did you get here?
I was a bit freaked out initially and fetched a glass from the kitchen to trap him in. At which point I realized how cute the thing was, with a hair wrapped around his bitty little leg, trapped inside of a glass not understanding what in the world was happening to him. As it is with all animals, he refused to face the camera while I was taking pictures.

Eventually I let him back out into the wild. I'm assuming that this type of weather is just his thing. I'm extremely curious as to how he ended up hanging out between my yoga mat and KnitKnit book. I may never know, but for now I'm blaming it on one of the cats. Most likely Rudy.
If I could have kept frog buddy, I would have named him Parmesan.

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  1. Definitly an Apocolyps Frog if I ever saw one.

    - D. Endisnear.