Quick post, I should be sleeping:

Tonight I went to my first burlesque class YESSSS!!!!!
So good, so good.
Taught by Miss Mina of the Boston Babydolls, well worth the trip to Cambridge. I must say, I have quite a natural talent for hip swiveling. However, actually putting it to music and shimmying as if I were the sex, that needs some work. I am however very proud of myself for being able to shake down to my skivvies in front of a giant mirror, with ten other girls, in terrible lighting. Terrible, florescent, death ray to the thighs lighting. It captured and magnified the fat cells that I'm going to develop five years from now, I swear.

In other good news, I came home to a picture of THE BERET sitting in my inbox. I've been waiting for the beret for atleast six months. These little hats might be the only part of this whole army experience that turns me on. Sexaaayyy....

With that said, I am a Jr.Burlesque sexpot in the making, and the soldier is doing well, looking good. Now it's time for bed, I actually feel a cold of serious proportions coming on. My ear popped towards the end of the lesson, and I don't think it was from altitude.

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