Thanks for the Mayhem!

This week was full-on hectic and out of sorts. As a result of working Sunday, my delicate inner concept-of-time clock was out of whack. Kind of like daylight savings...
Wednesday was a SHIT STORM at work (Yes, in bold italics). We made it through like we always do, but with 50 pies to kick out for catering, in-house and deliveries at a fever pitch, I think we were all planning out elaborate murder schemes against each other and the customers. I bet you could make a sick version of the game Clue with the characters in our cafe...this is the most brilliant idea I've had all week...GENIUS.

Anyway, Wednesday night I found myself in Cambridge for the annual Thanksgiving Eve throwdown-showdown rock star bonanza. I knew it was going to be a good night when I met the girls at Gwen's house and found them in this situation in the bathroom: Gwen, on toilet with 3/4 empty bottle of Riesling between knees, undergoing Rhianna hair transformation from Liz. I love them with all of my hearts.
Good times were had but being mighty tired from the chaos at work, I was over-spent when I got home at 3:30. If such a thing as energy-bank overdrafts existed you could say I was in some serious-ass debt. Which I spent all of Thanksgiving paying off. Or making worse with truckloads of turkey, two different types of stuffing, and at last, three varieties of pie. And because I was obviously beyond the point of caloric salvation, pumpkin bread as a pm snack. I ate so much that I literally gave myself a back ache. As in the weight on the front of my torso was stressing out my lower spine...Elliot says this means I did thanksgiving right...thank god. Because until he informed me of that I was pretty sure I'd hit a new, drastic low. Phew!
It was great fun to visit my Grandmother, and from this point on I firmly resolve to visit her at least once every two weeks. I always want to, but never make the time...I can not for the life of me think of a single excuse to not go visit her, have wine and talk about ex-boyfriends. She is pictured above with my lovely sister. I also have pictures of my sister at the dinner table spraying whipped cream directly from the can into her mouth but she's done nothing mean enough to me lately for me to embarrass her by posting such a thing on the www. The only bad thing that happened this year was my brother's refusal to reinact his Lady Gaga impression at the dinner table. Oh well.

Today the greater part of work was spent preparing for Sgt. Burke's rEtiReMeNt RaVe!!! That is what I'm calling it. We needed to make enough cake for a possible turnout of 200 people (so obviously, this qualifies as a rave in my book. Bring your glowsticks and parachute pants). At one point the entire right side of my face was covered in cocoa, and my grey hoodie looks like I spent my day motocross racing. You could have easily filled a kiddie pool with the amount of cake batter I had to deal with today. The big event goes down tomorrow night and I'm very excited for it. The only thing that could make it better would be if Policecop could come. That, and if it really were a rave and I got to see Burke spinning glowsticks to eurobeat.

Finally hitting the gym today felt ridiculously good. Physical equilibrium and wellness: finally restored. It's going to take a few (dozen) more bouts of cardio to make up for turkeypiestuffingbreadetcetc day. I'd say it was atleast 80% worth it though. Next year I'll start training my lower back muscles around Labor Day.

Let me finish up with a little list of some of the things I am thankful for at the moment:

1- My Grandmother, and everything that she says, does and cooks.
2- My fixed door! I no longer have to live in fear of cold drafts, robbery and rape! Thanks cousin Alan! I can remove that old walking stick from my bedside now. As badass as it would be to bludgeon an intruder, I'm sure I would have peed myself and passed out before it was of any use anyway.
3-As of tomorrow, only 19 days till my reunion with Policecop. It feels like christmas at age seven, like my first trip to Japan...it's been a while since Jackie Danger felt this way.
4-My new phone. It picks up signals. This is useful.
5-Elliot's smokey maple mayo.
6-The sun, when it shows it's face again, one fine day. I'm having flashbacks to June...come out, come out wherever you are!
7-The fact that today I understood what "och vinnaren är" meant! Slowly but surely, picking up on Swedish. Jackie: master of all things that are not conducive to successful, practical career building. And for my next trick, basket weaving!!!
8-The BBC's series, "Look Around You". Youtube link here!
9-Hot showers and my warm bed. I will also be extremely thankful for the electric blanket that someone is going to give me for christmas (please?)
10-Morning coffee, and my cat sidekick, Albeeh. Two different things, but I'll shove them in to one for the sake of keeping the list at an even ten.


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