Late night birthday cake marathon!

I will start this post by saying I should not be awake right now.
It's 12:45 and I've just finished the final touches on 1/2 of Policecop's birthday surprise, being the cake. The photo album has been entirely sabotaged as one set of brand new Epson cartridges only allowed me to print 10 of the 30 or so photos I needed to complete it. After much toil, I've got the prints on order from cvs.com, to be express shipped to my house. There is just no way I can do an in-store pickup. I need that CVS for cliff bars, tampons, aleve, and rockstar coffee light energy drinks. I can't do something that would compromise my ability to return there freely.
So Policecop gets his gifts in two parts.
The first edition being the cake. I can not share the recipe since it's based on Elliot's. I will say that I tweaked it to my own likings using Earl Grey tea in the batter and in the ganache. Bergamot is the best thing that happened to chocolate since peanutbutter, but nobody knows this yet but my boyfriend and me.
So here is the cake, to be sent tomorrow complete with plastic cutlery and paper plates for sharing. I desperately wanted to get the GI-Joe birthday edition ones, but he pleaded that I refrain. I settled with black.
I had a bit of trouble decorating the cake. This part is always left up to Elliot, and for a good reason. I did the lettering with melted white chocolate. Which was good, since once it solidified I was able to pick up each letter individually and space them in a more aesthetically pleasing manner than my first attempt yielded...it was entirely off balance.
I'm pretty ok with the final product though :) :) :) I give myself atleast 7 points for the specialist stencil. Hopefully wrapped in a thousand layers of parchment, saran, bubble wrap and tissue, it will look decent when it arrives at its destination.

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