pvc pants, before it's too late.

Today I found these two shirts while out and about looking for something special to wear to a very special surprise party this coming Saturday. Took me hours to find anything that I liked enough to buy, then I realized this was because what I really wanted was just to wear my pvc pants again. I think I unknowingly had this planned in the back of my head all along.
Here's the thing with pvc pants. First of all, I love them. Second of all, I love wearing them in ways that do not make me look like a dominatrix or whore in general. Third of all, PVC pants can only be worn during a very limited time frame: spring or fall. I learned this when I wore them to a club last January and no amount of alcohol could keep me warm. They absorb and keep the cold in like those metal plates you defrost steaks on. I swear if you put a whole frozen turkey on a pair of these pants, they would defrost in an hour.
I did not attempt to wear them in the summer, because I doubt they have the same cooling properties in the heat, more likely quite the opposite. Didn't even want to go there.
PVC is a very curious material.

Anyway, I find it is best worn with knits, florals and flowy things for contrast. You would not catch me dead wearing these with a sequined tube top. You get the picture. It's all about balance.

Floral shirt: Forever 21 clearance, $5.
Black cut out sweater/dress: H&M, $25. I kind of winced at the price but I loved it that much. I'll be wearing this often, I'm sure of it.
Belt: Forever 21, $6.
Shoes: Tie up heels by Rampage, I think I got these for $13 at Marshalls last year. Also, Carlos Santana criss cross numbers. I got mine for $40 in the spring, but they're on clearance now at TJ Maxx. Good stuff.

Now it's letter writing time. In order to knock off the 5lbs accumulated from loneliness, I'm trying to hold off on baking for a little while. Therefore Policecop is getting a shipment of Cape Cod chips. Original and Salt and Vinegar. I left them in my car tonight as to not eat them by "mistake".

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