Sans Fards, French Canadian, Happy Birthday Kouhei.

While I was going to continue where I left off (#20) with project pretend-to-be-sexy, I decided I needed a little down time after the gym tonight.
Going back to the gym after an extended hiatus always feels so good, I can never remember for the life of me why I stopped going in the first place. Laziness is a sneaky, vindictive thing with many guises.
Today I found myself thinking about this blog, and wondering if last nights post was a bit too revealing. I am under the impression that 99% of the people who read this are friends and acquaintances, who for the most part know me well enough to know that I'm pretty open with these things, and don't see reason not to be.
And then I got to thinking if Policecop's parents ever stumbled upon this page I might die of embarrassment. I don't know if I should have posted about my birthday project last night, but it's staying up for now. The whole thing for me is more silly than scandalous. I'm hoping that you'll take it that way too.
I think that at age 27 I'm just discovering that I'm generally more open than others when it comes to things like this. It might have come from spending a few years living in Japan with mainly guys for friends. That, and my french canadian heritage. I think the stereotype is true...we're all loopy. And provocative talk generally doesn't phase us. My Grandmother has said things that have even made me blush. She was also one of the top fans of my burlesque costume. She openly suggested that I should wear it for Policecop when he comes home. I wouldn't trade her for any other Grandmother in the world. We're both geminis with the same name. Both into knitting, sewing, overeating, talking about romance/bedroom talk to an awkward extent...I mean hell, she even likes to drunk dial her ex boyfriends. Sometimes I feel like her mini-me and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Anyway, random topic landslide again.
I'm ready to jump into bed and watch webisodes of 48 hours again.

Things I'm loving now:
1- Lumene Arctic Peet Mask. Again. Forever.
2-Sleepytime EXTRA Chamomile tea. Found this at Target. For those extra high-strung tea lovers. This stuff honestly sedates me, and I enjoy it. Served best in my favorite mug, a present from a long time friend, who also goes by the name of Jackie.
3-Sans Fards. (Thanks Michael K.) Washing off all of my warpaint. Introducing me, stripped of the glamour and glitter.
4-Falling asleep with my nose in a book. Pictured is Kafka by the Shore volume one, by Haruki Murakami. A friend in Japan bought me this book (I think I might have been bed-ridden with a nasty cold) and I couldn't put it down. I've read it atleast three times. I have never read the English one. I'm curious but afraid that it might ruin it for me.
I think about this friend every now and then, wondering what he's up to. His birthday is tomorrow. Last I heard he was in San Fransisco. He was a very mysterious, somewhat elusive type and I'm sad to have lost his email. Happy birthday Kouhei Miki. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of Murakami. I hope your music is going well for you.

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