24 Hours:

Monday Night Dinner: Salad with avocado, shredded carrot, tomato and orange miso dressing. Panini on kalamata olive bread with Italian seasoned chicken, mozzarella, baby spinach, prosciutto, tomato and avocado again...because you can never have too much avocado, I think. I'm entirely inspired by the prospect of moving into a place with a kitchen to call my own, and have decided to start working my culinary muscle in preparation.

Tuesday workday: Spent preparing for giant gluten-free buffet dinner. Which was chaotic and everything came down to the last minute regardless of how much work we had done in advance, as always. After five hours spent bent over a counter decorating 120 mini cupcakes, mini brownies, mini eclairs, mini cream puffs, mini-god-damn-everything, my neck is KILLING ME. As soon as I complete this post I'm hitting the icy hot HARD.

Tuesday Evening: Enjoyed myself some beautiful sky and cherry blossoms on the way home. I stopped at Savers to see if they still had the golden-yellow colored tea kettle I spotted last week but held off on. Alas, it was gone...I suppose it wasn't meant to be. I did find an old Afga rangefinder camera...but being as committed as I am to becoming the fiscally responsible adult I need to be in order to pay rent, I passed. I consider this a bittersweet victory.

Tonight: PIANTEDOSI'S CHICKEN SOUP. I made it to the shop just in time to get the very last jar. This stuff is all the warm comfort you will ever need.

Also, as of today my pc is feeling under the weather due to limited hard drive availability. Turns out my billions of pictures are becoming too much for it to handle. So in an attempt to save space, I'm switching to flickr as my blog image host. In any case, the picture quality is better, so win-win. And goodnight!

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