Whatever happened to MTV?

Do you ever look back on the days when you could come home from school and flip on the tv in hot pursuit of the most recent, most stylin' music? Before MTV was taken over by trashtastic reality shows, with VH1 in hot pursuit...before Total Request Live ruined everything by drowning the world with Britney Spears and the Back Street Boys...
What ever happened to really good music videos?
Did the general public just stop wanting them? In my opinion, that's kind of like throwing away a genre of art.
Granted, Lady Gaga's recent video for Telephone is pretty fucking sweet. If you can ignore the shameless promotional ads for Polaroid and Virgin Mobile that are woven into it.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I consider to be a mind-blowing-ly awesome video, but youtube won't let me embed it. So here is the link to
Fischerspooner's Sweetness


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