All your histamines are belong to us.

According to news sources, all of the recent messed up weather has caused the pollen count to explode. Blame it on the rain, global warming, whatever, JUST MAKE IT STOP.

I've never had an issue with allergies before...maybe a few sneezes here and there, nothing that even made me consider taking medicine, never mind taking a day off work like I had to today. All of this bullshit started late Tuesday afternoon, reaching the zenith of misery yesterday in the heat, and again today when my eyes decided to join the party...watering like crazy, bright red, itchy....I look like something that would stumble out of a hostel at 11:00 am in Amsterdam and puke in a flowerbed. No amount of makeup can fix this fuckery. And as it turns out, no amount of OTC medicine can either...

So far I have taken:
Antihistamine eye drops
4-way fast acting nasal spray....
Airborne tablets...

I'm talking ZERO IMPROVEMENT here. What the fuck am I dealing with? Space pollen? Or are my histamine-warriors just entirely immune to all applicable medicines? And if so, WHY?

All I want in this world right now is for this to stop. I even broke out the surgical masks my mum had stored away for the bird flu, or some other biological disaster that would surely be the end of mankind (she loves that stuff...). The problem is that they look entirely impractical in public. In Japan at this time of year, they are the norm...I used to wonder how bad it could possibly be that the general public would go around wearing these ridiculous things...now I understand. It's just too bad that Michael Jackson wasn't exactly a trend-setter. If I wear one of these out and about, people are going to think I have diphtheria or something.

The only productive things I have done today were making my bed and getting my Pop-9 prints developed. I am truly excited about tomorrow's rainy forecast, hoping and praying that it will help wash away some of the death particles floating about and ruining my quality of life, even if only for one day...

And oh yeah, one good thing:
I scored this Jean Paul Gaultier for Target dress this past week. I was equal parts devastated and relieved when I found out that the collection would not be available at any stores in my area.
Lack of access to coveted goods = Saved money.

But this past week while passing by the womens section I saw the piece of my dreams...a telnyashka-like dress. There was only one, and it was in my size...and just so happened to be from the JPG collection. My favorite part is the random drape-like fabric attached at the front and back of the collar...you can wear it in all sorts of ways.

So thank you to the kind soul who bought this dress at some far away store and returned it at my little Wareham Target. I am going to wear the hell out of this one.

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  1. please don't overdose on antihistamines. kthnx.