All things Russian:

This past Tuesday my Peanut and I officially found the castle in the sky of our dreams!!!
With no thanks to our ever-absent real estate agent Brenda, by the way.
I took it upon myself to scour every relevant corner of the internet, scheduled multiple viewings, and officially earned myself $100 from rent.com for signing a lease through them, as opposed to paying Brenda for being the scatterbrained piece of uselessness that she was.

As it turns out, I'll be moving back to my original home town of Marshfield. It is the perfect center-point between my job and Policecop's. Not to mention close to the beach, all utilities except electricity included, pool, gym, grilling area....

It kind of blows my mind that I am about to return to the town I grew up in after all these years of living in Japan back and forth, a stint at Umass Amherst, Taunton, Carver...but I can't say that I'm disappointed. I did my time living in the city and found it rather exhausting...also living on the edge of nowhere (Carver) has been entirely depressing, to say the least.

From the moment I laid eyes on our chosen apartment, my mind has switched into hardcore interior decoration-inspiration mode. Every color I see in the world becomes a a starting point in a never ending race of ideas...
My main theme of choice?
I'm thinking Provincial meets clean-cut Ikea, with a dusting of the ornate.

And in my mad google search of all things to do with Russian interior design, I came upon the "Personal Moon". Which I think everybody should have, but only after I get one of my own.

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