The Poor Girls Answer to Anthropologie:

Rainy Sundays are the absolute worst. I mean, this is the last day before everyone has to get back into the swing of all things crap. This fact alone always renders me lethargic and gloomy, but throw some overcast sky into the mix and I can barely find the motivation to brush my teeth. Screw rainy Sundays.

I spent half of the day in my pajamas lacking the will to do anything but troll around anthropologie.com while eating cheerios and feeling poorly about myself for not being rich enough to afford anything/everything on their site. Also insert more self-loathing for not being talented/well-connected enough to be designing things for them.

Anthropologie.com is so beautiful and untouchable that it makes me feel inadequate. Most girls experience this by flipping through the Victoria's Secret catalogue. Same idea, I suppose.

Anyway, by 2 o'clock or so I decided enough was enough. There is still a ton of crap that we need in order to make the apartment habitable, and I was wasting an entire day off dreaming about things out of my reach. Not to mention the flea market is open on Sunday, as well as a 40% off home goods sale at my local TJ Maxx.

My finds? Astronomically wonderful. Thank god I left the house today.

TJ Maxx finds:
Apron for $7.79. There was only one left. Granted, this wasn't an item of extreme need. I consider this my one luxury moving-in item for the time being. I spent the entire morning drooling over similar ones on Anthro that go for $32.
I love to picture myself waking up responsibly early and preparing french toast with fruit for Policecop while wearing one of these. The only problem is that I want one for every day of the week.
Fish sponge/soap holder for $2.99. Rather similar to this one on Anthro for $18. Plus it came with the scrubbie. And I like the salmon color.

Flea Market Finds:
8 piece set of china with turquoise and gold detail for $5. I saw it. My heart sang. Turandot Moscow. There is some wear on the larger dishes, but holy god...these are beautiful.

2 Random Plates from I. Godinger & Co. For $2 each I couldn't turn the cuteness down. There are two more of a different design that I'm going to go back for next week. I don't know why I didn't grab them today, I guess I was just in ultra-frugal mode.

So in the end, my Sunday wasn't all that bad. Especially since it ended with pasta. With tomato sauce, fresh garlic, mozzarella, prosciutto, and green onions. God I can not wait to have my own magical kitchen lab!

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  1. Great work!! i too lust after anthropology but sometimes the pricing is so frustrating i want to send the catalog back with an angry letter!